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1. How to revise/be independent . . .

a) Investigate the chosen theme looking for key vocabulary linked to it. Collect a wide range of images that best suit your understanding of the theme. Research at least two artists whose style, techniques or themes match to what you have chosen and are of interest to you.


b) Ensure you have a clear understanding of the theme chosen from your own point of view. Produce initial sketches of ideas in rough form and annotate. Test media and techniques and show progress alongside opinion. Constantly review your own work. Keep practicing your key skills (pencil, paint, observational drawing etc). Discuss work with your teacher. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ND1Y0rUqB3M


c) Key Words – use them! https://a.s.kqed.net/pdf/arts/programs/spark/visartvocab.pdf 

2.  Topic Practice: Use your personalised target sheets

A01: Exploration and understanding of the theme.

Title (which theme you are doing). Mind-map fully exploring the theme (key vocabulary included). Visual mind-map showing your understanding of the theme. Quick tests and experiments 


A02: Looking at the work of others. 

Research at least two craftspeople who are linked to your theme including artists, photographers, designers, etc. Written details on their link to the theme, their style, use of media and equipment. Include printed images that clearly shows link to the theme. Include written opinion on their work and how it could be used to influence your own. Discuss what you like, don’t like, the relationship with the theme and WHY. 


A03: Recording ideas and observations. 

Using the work of others to influence your own, include quick sketches, notes, brief mind maps etc to show that you are considering a range of ideas (three) and options. Explore the use of different media and techniques, clearly linking it to the craftspeople included. Clear written notes on how your ideas link to the craftspeople considered. 


A04: Refining and Presenting work.

Taking one of your ideas, develop it through experimenting, selection of appropriate techniques/media and processes. Make the idea better. Include all relevant experiments. Clear written notes on how the idea progresses into the final outcome. Clear link to chosen craftsperson and how the idea relates to their work. 

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