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Computer Science 

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Link to Specification here! 

Some motivation from the Department 

We hope these resources are useful. 

1.  Flashcards

a) Use the knowledge organiser for each topic found on SharePoint to revise key terms and definitions for the course. 

b) Use Quizlet to support you with your learning of key terms and definitions. Make your own set of terms to focus on certain topics and then share with your peers to support each other. 

2.  Topic Practice

  1. Google Classroom: Based on your specification RAG document, choose a clip/topic/exercise to revise. 

3.  Exam Practice

  1. Complete all questions from your end of topic assessments which focus on past paper exam questions. Identify the questions and topics you lost marks in (if any) and use the resources made available to improve and gaps in your subject knowledge. 
  2. Complete past papers from SharePoint. Use the mark schemes and videos provided to mark and correct.

Further resources available by clicking here! 
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