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Design and Technology 

The Exam Board is: AQA 

Link to Specification here

Some motivation from the Department 

Please use these helpful resources to guide your revision for Design Technology. Good luck! 

1.  Key Terms

a) Use the hardcopy flash/revision cards Technology Student.com, consider the Leitner method to learn regularly. Test yourself, get others to test you and test others. 

b) Visit AQA GCSE Design Technology Website and revise ‘Command words’ Command words are the words and phrases used in exams and other assessment tasks that tell students how they should answer the question

2.  Topic Practice


1. Technology Student.com:  Use the following links to investigate topic areas (from mock exams. This link takes you to exam questions.


2. Use interactive apps to revise topics - Test yourself, get others to test you and test others. (When the link is open each section can be clicked on for each exam content topic- app looks like image). 

3.  Exam Practice Questions

  1. MATHS Q’S & EXTENDED WRITING: Complete questions from video’s using RULER technique and mark/correct using the written answers given
  2. ALL TYPES: Print out and complete past papers from Student Shared (S) on the school network or example style exams on Dynamic Learning

Use the Mark schemes provided to mark and correct

If you would like more information about the whole course visit AQA GCSE Design Technology Website


Further resources available by clicking here! 
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