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English Literature 

The Exam Board is: AQA 

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How do I answer the exam questions and achieve my target grade? Past paper explanation videos for Literature. 
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Some motivation from the Department 

"If you're walking down the RIGHT PATH and you're willing to KEEP WALKING, eventually you'll MAKE PROGRESS" - Barack Obama. 

1.  Flashcards

  1. Create colour coded flashcards for quotes from different literature texts. Test yourself and get others to test you. Annotate your quotes with language analysis, themes and context; as modelled in class.
  2. Create flashcards about context for the different texts, linking to specific events in the texts. Think about historical setting, social expectations and typical features of the genre.
  3. Create flashcards for the different poems in the Power & Conflict section. Include 2 key quotations and annotate with analysis. Make links between the poems thinking about the themes they discuss. 

2.  Exam Practice – Literature Exam Booklets

  1. Write responses to practice questions from the exam paper booklets – use correct timings. 
  2. Look at mark schemes to see the suggestions of what you could have discussed in your answer. Look at marked student responses. Highlight the different skills shown to help understand how they earned their marks. 
  3. Use mock exam feedback to practise specific questions where improvements can be made. 


3.  Topic Practice

  1. Re-read texts. Create written/visual plot summaries of each chapter/Act. Create a mind map for each character with key quotations and linked context information.
  2. Write out key quotes and stick them on different coloured post-it notes around your room. Arrange them by character/theme/context.
  3. Use https://app.senecalearning.com/https://www.bbc.com/bitesize/examspecs/zxqncwx and Mr Bruff on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/mrbruff to revise specific texts and topics.

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