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The Exam Board is: AQA 

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Some motivation from the Department 

Bienvenue les petits! Welcome to our French revision station where you will find lots of resources to support you with your French revision. Remember ten minutes of vocab practice every day will help secure success. See your teacher if you need any further guidance or support. Bonne chance! 

1.  Verb conjugation

a) Conjugation Station: Go to the Linguascope website (Username saalangs, Password – see teacher) and practise verb conjugation in different tenses using the conjugation station. 

b) Conjuguemos.com: Practise verb conjugation for key verbs or tenses. 

2.  Topic/Vocabulary Practice

  1. Top 100 words: Use the Top 100 most common French words list/vocab pack to quiz your knowledge. You can access these here. These can also be accessed via Mrs Frankland's Quizlet GCSE Revision folder here
  2. Memrise: Go to the section AQA new GCSE French (from 2016). Work through the GCSE topic areas to practise key vocabulary. 
  3. Knowledge Organisers: Use your topic and grammar knowledge organisers to revise key AQA vocabulary. Access these on Sharepoint.

3.  Exam Practice

  1. Complete and learn answers in your speaking booklet using exemplar material on Sharepoint to help. Record your answers and send to your teacher for some feedback on your pronunciation. 
  2. Complete the fifty days of revision challenge
  3. Complete past papers from www.aqa.org.uk or by accessing the French Revision Resources folder on Sharepoint

Further resources available by clicking here! 
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