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Some motivation from the Department 

The History Department have put these resources together to help you with revision for your GCSEs. If you need any help or support, please email your class teacher. Good luck! 

1. Topic Review

a) Use the RAG rating sheets on Sharepoint/emails to help you to decide which topics need more focus. Red= can’t remember, Amber= some knowledge, Green= Exam ready. Focus your revision on the red areas!


b) Make mindmaps about topics you know you do not remember much about. This should be done by writing out anything you can remember, then reviewing the difference between what you know and what is in the text book/revision guide. More guidance for how to make mindmaps

2.  Timeline- Chronological Order

This is particularly useful for the Superpower Relations and Cold War, but is useful for other topics too.

  1. Use your exercise book/revision guide to create a timeline which shows the events in order. Think about how you can add detail to each event too.
  2. As above, but create a storyboard showing the key events over the timeline.
  3. Write out 6 steps for each “key event”. This should help you to focus on the details.

3.  Exam Practice

a) Fill in the exam question checklist on Sharepoint/emails. This asks you to think about how to answer each question and then you can check the completed version to see if you were correct.


b) Complete exam questions- focus on the questions which you struggle with the most to make the greatest impact.

Further resources available by clicking here! 
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