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Hospitality and Catering 

The Exam Board is: WJEC 

Link to Specification here

Some motivation from the Department 

Please use these helpful resources to guide your revision for Hospitality & Catering. Good luck! 

1. Key terminology

a) Use the key terms guide in your folders and this link to help you build your knowledge of the subject specific vocabulary. 


b) Familiarise yourself with the command words used in your examination. 

2.  Topic practise

a) Use the knowledge organiser to help you revise the key learning from each topic. The Knowledge Organisers have been broken down into individual topics as required by the exam board. 

3.  Exam Practice

a) Test your knowledge by practising one of the past papers


b) Take a look at some of the previous coursework tasks and consider how the process words. 

Further resources available by clicking here! 
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