Welcome to 123 Revision! 

The only way to revise Maths is to do Maths! 

The Exam Board is: Pearson 

Link to Specification here! 

Some motivation from the Department 

Below is a list of resources that we hope that you will find useful. Try to use as many of these resources as possible. If possible, revise in small chunks- remember little and often. We re sure that you can smash you exams! 

1.  Topic Practice 

  1. Sparxmaths: Use your personalised target sheets (from mock exams) to choose a clip/topic to revise. 
  2. Maths Genie: Use your personalised target sheets (from mock exams) to choose a topic to work on exam questions. 
  3. Onmaths: work your way though questions, seeing your grade increase or try demon mocks to challenge yourself. 

2.  Exam Practice 

  1. Complete questions from the RULER booklets and mark/correct using the written answers. 
  2. Complete past papers from Maths Genie. Use the student friendly mark schemes to check your work. Watch the videos to questions that you got wrong. 
  3. Log your scores on www.pinpointlearning.co.uk. Work on the booklet of the top five topics generated. 

3.  Flashcards 


1. Use the flashcards to revise key vocabulary. Consider the Leitner method to learn regularly. Test yourself, get others to test you and test others. 


2. Use Quizizz to learn the key facts using quizzes and online flashcards. 


3. Use cram.com to play online games and practice online. Download the app (Android, Itunes). Foundation here. Higher here

Further resources available by clicking here! 
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