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Performing Arts 

The Exam Board is: NCFE 

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Some motivation from the Department 

Year 11 Performing Arts Team, you have got this! Remember you are in control and can achieve. I hope these revision materials are helpful and supportive. Good Luck! 

1.  Knowledge Organisers and Mind Maps

a) Use knowledge organisers for different musical and dramatical elements to create flashcards of musical and drama devices used across both Unit 1 and Unit 2. 

b) Create a detailed mind map under the Performing Arts elements headings found in the revision pack explaining what the element means, how it is used in the industry and why it could be important. Use your exercise books to help add detail. 

2.  Exam Practice

a) Use the revision booklet to create revision material/flashcards for all of the elements of Unit 1. A retake of this exam is available in MARCH.

b) Once marked, complete the DIRT for each question to establish where your targets for the exam are. Attend the drop – in intervention time if you need further discussion or help on feedback you have been given. 

3. Performance Preparation

a) As there is only one exam for the Performing Arts course, you need to be considering the performance element of the course throughout.


b) Make sure you are practicing AT LEAST 20 minutes twice a week. You should have a portfolio of video diaries and practice diaries that highlight what elements you have rehearsed each time. 


c) Speak with your instrumental teacher or myself to gain an understanding of the standard for each piece you are learning and what will be best to perform for your coursework.

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