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The Exam Board is: AQA 

Link to Specification here

Some motivation from the Department 

The Science page contains links to areas where content for revision can be sourced and also links to questions that are sorted based upon the topics that you need to know the mark schemes are also linked here. By ensuring you know the content and then practising the skills required to answer the questions you will be preparing yourselves in the best possible way for your exams. 

1.  Knowledge

a) Use the hardcopy Knowledge Organisers as flashcards. Test yourself, get others to test you and test others. Try transforming the information into a mind map or revision poster.

b) Use Memrise to learn key facts on AQA Science using online quizzes.

c) Use Quizlet to learn key facts and print ready-made flashcards.

d) Download the kahoot app and search for SWAT_Science for questions relating to each Knowledge Organiser. 


2. Topic Practice

  1. Seneca Learning: Open a free account then choose a topic to learn/revise each topic. The colour wheel gives you an indication of progress made.
  2. Primrose Kitten Science and Free Science Lessons on YouTube: Watch a video right through once trying to concentrate on the most important points. Then watch it again recording the keywords onto a sheet of paper. Finally, using the keywords try and write/draw what you can remember from the video.

3.  Exam Practice: Remember CUB for longer questions

  • Circle command word; 
  • Underline key points and marks; 
  • Bullet points drawn before you answer 
  1. Complete past papers. Use the mark schemes available to mark and correct.
  2. Mini-walking talking mock. Watch the video, have a go at answering the question then see how the examiner would attempt it. The Edexcel videos are useful here as well.
  3. Open this document with links to exam questions sorted by exam topic and by Foundation and Higher Tier. Read the question carefully, have a go at answering then check the mark scheme to see how you did. 

Further resources available by clicking here! 
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